Delivery at Home Delivery at Home
  • Re-evaluate your food options for delivery (for example, with as few containers as possible and better adapted to the reusable containers you’ve chosen).
  • Offer utensils, paper napkins and condiment packets only upon the customer’s request. Apply an additional fee.
  • Implement an incentive program–apply a discount on reusable containers and/or an additional fee on disposable items.
  • Train your teams and establish a new set of professional practices surrounding the use reusable containers.
  • Develop or join an incentive program for reusable containers to ensure they are returned to your business or at the service’s drop-off locations, after which they can be cleaned and circulated multiple times.
  • Storage : have a dedicated area where clean reusable containers used for delivery are kept.
  • Cleaning : use functional industrial-level (preferably energy-efficient) cleaning and sanitation equipment or outsource this operation.
  • Collecting : depending on the system you’ve chosen to manage your reusable containers, the person responsible for delivery can set them in tubs for cleaning or on a designated cart. If delivery is handled by a third party, consider having multiple drop-off locations—some services offer this feature—to make it easier for customers to return containers without needing to come back to the store.

Here are some suppliers who offer products and/or services that can help you implement reusable solutions for DELIVERY AT HOME:

Meal delivery services
Homemade system with reusable dishes and containers

Quebec company designing products and systems for the management of reusable packaging

  • Company created in 2020
  • 3 divisions : Bopaq (design, sale and rental of reusable packaging), technology for tracking and inventory management of reusable products and LavaBo (washing center)

– Free or deposit loan (depending on the choice of the merchant) with the Bo mobile/web application to track or refund the deposit
– Range of 7 high-end containers (free loan)
– Range of 3 containers (and more planned for next fall) cheaper (with deposit)
– Borrowing can be free for customers with a Bo account when they return the container(s) to a Bo recovery point (return bin installed at a partner business). The returned and recovered containers then go to the washing center.

– 22 oz mug “8oba 22” for drinks such as bubble teas, slushes, iced coffees (pre-orders in progress)
– Tray for groceries or events

– Technology : mobile/web application that allows the tracking of reusable containers; or for the return and refund of consigned meals
– Reverse/return logistics service
– LavaBo : recovery of containers and washing (flexible offer depending on the nature and the needs of the food trade)
– Assistance in setting up Bo solutions and tools
– Local manufacturing (South Shore of Montreal)

514 577-6811

The pros
  • Increase customer loyalty with container returns.
  • Reduce the number of different containers needed in your business.
  • Cut down on the amount of waste customers have to manage at home.
  • Help customers save on the cost of single-use containers.
The cons
  • Communicate and offer your reusable container program to customers via online platforms.
  • Implement an incentive or refund program to return reusable containers.
  • Choose a container consignment program with many drop-off locations to make it easier for customers to return containers.
  • Make room for storage if containers are washed on site. Outsourcing can be a solution if space is an issue.


This guide was produced in partnership with the City of Montreal.

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