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  • If necessary, re-evaluate your to-go food options (for example, forego utensils or multiple containers, and choose options that are better adapted to the reusable containers you’ve chosen).
  • Offer utensils, paper napkins and condiment packets only upon the customer’s request. Apply an additional fee.
  • Implement an incentive program–apply a discount for reusable container use and/or an additional fee on disposable items.
  • Encourage customers to bring their own reusable containers.
  • Start gradually with certain types of dishes.
  • Train your teams and establish a new set of professional practices surrounding the use of reusable containers.
  • Develop or join an incentive program for reusable containers to ensure they are returned to your business or at the service’s drop-off locations, after which they can be cleaned and circulated multiple times.
  • Storage : have a dedicated area for the clean reusable containers used for takeout orders.
  • Cleaning : use functional industrial-level (preferably energy-efficient) cleaning and sanitation equipment or outsource this operation.
  • Collecting : depending on the system you’ve chosen to manage your reusable containers, customers can place used dishware in tubs for cleaning or on a designated cart. Give the customer a refund when required.

Here are some suppliers who offer products and/or services that can help you implement reusable solutions for TAKEOUT :

Regular restaurant suppliers
Retail and second-hand stores

Quebec company designing products and systems for the management of reusable packaging

  • Company created in 2020
  • 3 divisions : Bopaq (design, sale and rental of reusable packaging), technology for tracking and inventory management of reusable products and LavaBo (washing center)

– Free or deposit loan (depending on the choice of the merchant) with the Bo mobile/web application to track or refund the deposit
– Range of 7 high-end containers (free loan)
– Range of 3 containers (and more planned for next fall) cheaper (with deposit)
– Borrowing can be free for customers with a Bo account when they return the container(s) to a Bo recovery point (return bin installed at a partner business). The returned and recovered containers then go to the washing center.

– 22 oz mug “8oba 22” for drinks such as bubble teas, slushes, iced coffees (pre-orders in progress)
– Tray for groceries or events

– Technology : mobile/web application that allows the tracking of reusable containers; or for the return and refund of consigned meals
– Reverse/return logistics service
– LavaBo : recovery of containers and washing (flexible offer depending on the nature and the needs of the food trade)
– Assistance in setting up Bo solutions and tools
– Local manufacturing (South Shore of Montreal)

514 577-6811

The BYO rewards program awards points and rewards to customers who bring their own cup or reusable container

  • Company created in 2017
  • Two complementary offers :
    – Self-service borrowing system with mobile app and QR code
    – Rewards system for users who bring their own reusable cup/container (BYO)

– Range of 5 containers including 1 cup and 4 meal formulas (compartmentalized containers); with lid. Expected life for 1000 uses. Go in the microwave.

– Bring Your Own (BYO) : A QR code is installed at checkout on the customer’s personal cup or container. He scans this code with the Cano application previously downloaded to his cell phone. He accumulates points when he brings his own cup or personal container. This rewards program without the Cano loan system is now available to businesses that request it.

– Technology : free mobile application that allows the tracking of reusable containers
– Prerequisite : the business must have an available and efficient cleaning system (the chore of washing up is his responsibility)
– Reverse/return logistics service (secure collection bins)
– Assistance with the implementation of Cano solutions and tools (loyalty program)



A network of more than 450 businesses distributing La vague returnable containers across Quebec

La vague
  • NPO created in 2019
  • Borrowing system for reusable containers with deposit

– The cup : 12 oz coffee tumbler with dome

– The box : 32 oz container with lid (pre-orders accepted)

– In exchange for a deposit, the reusable product is refunded when it is returned to any participating establishment. It is then washed and put back into circulation.
– Deposit The cup : $5
– Deposit The box : $7
– Help with setting up the deposit
– On-site team training (communication elements included)

Ordering The cup is done directly on the Carrousel express site (without obligation to open an account)
The box is ordered directly on the Carrousel express site (without obligation to open an account)

819 880-0468

A service offer that is very popular with caterers, restaurants and specialized businesses (butchers, cheese shops, etc.)

  • Solidarity cooperative created in 2021
  • Rental service for returnable reusable food containers
  • Turnkey service for collecting, washing, sanitizing and redistributing containers

– Stainless steel containers with or without yellow food grade silicone lid (3 sizes : 1200 ml, 1000 ml, 600 ml)
– Glasses (2 sizes : 16 oz, 10 oz)
– Utensils

– Deposit : $9 – the deposit is not a cost, but a monetary exchange when borrowing a container to encourage its circulation
– Turnkey service for collecting, washing, sanitizing and redistributing containers
– Assessment of the needs of the caterer, restaurant or business
– Employee training and training content for the implementation of the deposit
– Communication support & SEO on website
– Delivery of containers by cargo bike or electric car

>> Contact form to be completed on the website or by email

438 738-1591

The pros
  • Less waste to manage and better overall cleanliness.
  • More attractive food options.
  • Possibility of renting out dishware upon request and for events.
The cons
  • For fast-food restaurants, implement an incentive like a consignment program to ensure that customers return dishware rather than throw it out or steal it.
  • Make room for storage if containers are bought/washed on site.
  • Outsourcing can be a solution if space is an issue.


This guide was produced in partnership with the City of Montreal.

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